We are always in need of volunteers for all types of catastrophic events or for medical relief missions.
A volunteer does not have to have a medical background and everyone is welcomed to volunteer.

Medical Mission 2019 Calendar

(dates are subject to change)


January 2019

Teens on Wings

College Students on Wings

Local community service project dates to be announced.

  To join our team of  volunteers, please contact our office.


Quito, Ecuador

February 7th - 12th

Medical, Dental & Vision Clinic


Ceuta & Madrid, Spain

March 1st - 8th

Medical Mission

Bogota, Colombia

May 16th - 20th

Medical, Dental, Vision Clinic


Asuncion, Paraguay

October 8th - 16th

Medical, Dental, Vision Clinic

Xiamen, China

Dec 2019


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