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Education leads to a brighter future and it's the key to a successful and happy life. A life altering experience in volunteerism and the opportunity of a lifetime. Teens on Wings (TOW) and College Students on Wings (CSOW)

 are two U.S. community programs for young adults formed in collaboration with Medical Wings International. 


Our future generation volunteers travel on missions locally and internationally to developing countries.  Providing Medical, Dental, Vision Care and Education alongside our professional doctors, optometrists and dentists in remote areas around the globe.

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Our mission is to enrich our Future Generations so that one day they can make a difference in someone's else's life. Our students will cultivate new friendships and have an elevated feeling of self-worth and confidence. Also, giving them the opportunity  to help others in their communities. Our volunteers will participate in missions locally and internationally in developing countries alongside our doctors, optometrists and dentists in remote areas around the glove. We also want to encourage our youth to participate in local programs around their neighborhoods. So that we can assist them in organizing programs in their home towns.


Together we provide medical treatment and perform minor operations on children who have no means to receive such help locally. While mobilizing thousands of disabled people. We also provide life-saving workshops: CPR/Heimlich maneuver training, health awareness workshops and educational training on nutrition.  As young adults of our future, we hope that the seeds we sow today will nourish and lift them tomorrow. Giving a helping hand is the one sure way Medical Wings can expect the Future Generations to grow into compassionate leaders for a better world tomorrow.

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