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Medical Wings International is a 501(C)3 charitable organization that began in 1998.  With a network of medical professionals and ordinary people making an impact around the world to underserved communities. Our team has expanded and now includes high school students, college students, educators and retirees.  MWI provides the opportunity for individuals and organizations to share their passion by helping those in need. You can also become an MWI member and can join us on a mission. We work closely with in-country government agencies and their local organizations to provide assistance where needed around the world.



We believe that the current pace of advancing technology is shrinking the world into a global village. Linking our
fate with people in all corners of the underserved population of the world. We believe that we should do as we say.
The little extended hands of the world’s children and elderly are everyone’s responsibility.



Our volunteer teams have made significant contributions to global communities by addressing: Medical, Dental, Vision Care, Education, Hunger, Disaster Relief and Community Development. Medical Wings International establishes long term relationships. Providing empowerment to isolated regions of the world.


Glenda Johnson, Founder/President

Evonne Holloway, Chief Financial Officer

Paola Paz, International Flight Director

Maria Mancuso, Dental Hygienist Director

Anne McGill, Community Service Coordinator

Claudia Funez, Travel Assistance Service Director

Kari Patino, Admin Secretary

Dr. Lora Melnicoe, Medical Director

Dr. Miguel Casanas, Dental Care Director

Dr. John Cross, Vision Care Director

Dr. David Diwa, Pharmacy Director

RN Sally Nellessen, Nurse Director

Valarie Wilson, Student Involvement Director


McGhee Williams Osse, CEO, Burrell Communication Group

Ramez Elmasri, PHD, Professor, University of Arlington

Frantz Osse, Thane-Kensoff, Chief Executive Officer

Tim Ahern, American Airlines, V.P. Airport Services

Alec Brown, Director of Student Involvement/Teens on Wings

Freda Porter, Retired American Airlines


Medical​ Wings International advances its missions with strong support from foundations, corporations
and individuals in a wide range of industries. Their generosity and commitment enables MWI to:

  • Hand deliver humanitarian aid to areas devastated by disasters globally

  • Provide medical, dental and vision care to underserved communities

  • Empower communities through Education/English language boot camps

  • Provide meals for homeless locally and donate meals to orphanages in remote communities             


Our generous supporters are committed partners.  Allowing MWI to bring compassion into actions.  In addition,
their involvement reinforces social responsibility commitment in the corporate world. Together, we raise our voices
in praise. Harmonizing the "tapestry of life" from cultures across the globe.

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